Michael L. Brown

The Political Seduction of the Church: How Millions Of American Christians Have Confused Politics with the Gospel

How are we called to bring about true biblical change?

"Should Christians should be involved in politics? Absolutely. Do I prefer the policies of one main political party over those of the other main party? Definitely. Do I believe that the spiritual and political realms often overlap? Certainly. But to the extent that we confuse the gospel with politics or identify one party as "God's party," or seek to advance the goals of the gospel largely through politics, to that extent we will fail."

In his inimitable and convincing style, Dr. Brown urges us to learn the lessons from the Donald Trump presidency, in particular from the 2020 elections and the events that followed. Dr. Brown gets to the root of the confusion and points the way to the true role of the church in today's society. He exposes the false prophetic spirit and paints a picture of the healthy intersection of the gospel and politics. He writes as someone with deep concerns about the radical leftist agenda and minimal trust in much of the secular media. But also as someone who wants to find the true biblical way forward.

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