Compendium Podcast - David Heeren author of End Time Living


A book that will produce fulfillment and joy even under the prophesied duress of the end-time. Sub-theme concerns the Second Coming of Jesus and celestial signs heralding that event. We will need to be watchful, prayerful, prepared for tough times and opportunities to share the Gospel, standing firm for the Lord with courage and strength, avoiding moral dissipation, fearing nothing, not even worrying, trusting God for all needful things, loving everyone, even enemies. Book discusses these things, with examples of each.

David S. Heeren is an award-winning journalist and author of 17 books. A personal prayer identical to that of Isaiah (Is. 6:8) led him to change his career emphasis from sports writing to Christian writing in 2007. Since that time, he has published nine books with Christian themes, five of which deal with biblical end-time prophecy.

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